TrollGuard is an advanced multi-banning Discord security bot. TrollGuard protects your guild from Raiders, Doxxers, and much much more. The goal for TrollGuard is to protect your Discord community so you can focus on maintaining and growing your guild.

Feature 01

Non-biased Staff

The TrollGuard staff team is non-biased. We are given bias training and do not handle reports or appeals that we are directly involved in. We don't ban users without proof.

Feature 02

Auto bans

Let us handle that hard stuff, just know that your server is protected. TrollGuard automatically bans users for you so you can focus on maintaining your Discord community.

Feature 03


TrollGuard is well known throughout the Discord Development community. We're also trusted by many highly known developers such as; Jake Hamblin, FAXES, Hamz, and more.

Feature 05


TrollGuard provides top-notch Discord security for your guild.

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